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This week kicked off the first-ever, virtual Democratic National Convention to formally announce the nomination for the next President and Vice-President. As it was expected, the Democratic nomination went to Joe Biden and his running mate, the first-ever female VP candidate, Kamala Harris. The first two nights have been an impressive showing of diversity during the roll call across America, a massive showing of female strength with former First-Lady Michelle Obama on the first night and Dr. Jill Biden on the second night, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter appeared, and powerful speakers such as Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, all spoke in favor of Joe Biden.

It is apparent, with how the current administration is handling the pandemic, has affected everyone in such a manner, that this will be a huge factor in the upcoming election. In 2016, when there was chatter about wanting a businessman in the White House, it is clearly a different story today. This 2020 pandemic has facilitated the need for an empathetic, political minded, friend of the people, and a family man, to step back into the office of the President of the United States, and return America to the place it was as a powerhouse in the world’s economy by rebuilding our infrastructure, building jobs, re-building the middle-class, helping to build healthy families and building alliances with other countries. These are all things that Joe Biden has a plan to achieve and will work with the people to help accomplish these goals that will strengthen America.

It is more important today than ever before, that we join together and form an alliance to fight against this administrations battle against democracy. The Oakland Park Wilton Manors Democratic Club invites you to get involved, and watch this very important Democratic National Convention, and then join the OPWMDC club and make your voice heard. Get out and VOTE any way you can, either by mail, drop your ballot off at a specified location, or stand in line with social distancing measures in place and wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

Our nation is in crisis. These are not normal times. We need someone with the temperament and ideals, as well as the support of so many others, to help rebuild this great nation. That person is Joe Biden, for the 46th President of the United States.

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