OPWMDC Founder Passes

The Loss of MItchell Stollberg

Solemnly, I have to share with you the loss of Mitchell Stollberg, a member of our Board of Directors who passed away peacefully at home in Margate at the age of 66. Everyone who knew Mitchell could understand his passion. He was a dedicated and tireless advocate for everyone whose voice was not being heard. And Mitchell knew how to be heard. You could frequently find him with a bullhorn or microphone in hand.
In addition to being a DPCF board member, Mitchell served as our Legislative Committee chair, and on the board of our Broward chapter. All this while being a precinct committee person in the Broward DEC, relentlessly fighting and hosting events for Medicare for All, climate change, and the Fight for $15 (plus so much more), and being the driving force behind Our Revolution and Progressive Democrats of America in Broward County. Mitchell was looking forward to again being a Bernie delegate in August.

All while fighting cancer. F— cancer.

This is a loss that is hitting many of us hard. Mitchell always knew how to move the ball forward, but even more than that, he was a friend who inspired trust over decades of community service and activism. And though it’s not easy, I can’t help but smile to think of the people he reached, the impact they can continue to make, the voices they now have. Among his greatest characteristics is that Mitchell encouraged younger activists to be more involved and believed that people are the motor of a true democracy and a better future for all.

Mitchell made Medicare for All the fight of his life. He knew what people who are uninsured and under-insured go through in the battle for healthcare because he lived it. He had a long and intense fight with leukemia and other chronic conditions. Over the years, he faced numerous battles against denial of care and outrageous co-payments. Battles nobody should have to face.

Thank you, Mitchell. We’ll miss you. And although we’re heartbroken today by your loss, we’re committed to continuing your fight. It won’t be the same without you, but we all know that it’s better because of you.

Michael Calderin
Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida