The days are gone when you turn the TV on and Cronkite and Brinkly were there to broadcast factual truth to your living room. They’re dead, along with that luxury. Why? The ’96 Telecom Act, and the repeal of The Fairness Doctrine. We must now discern the real facts by ourselves by foraging online to glean what’s no longer conveniently provided by your TV set.

MSNBC is owned by Comcast; 4 (or 5) topics only in daily rotation. All topics/issues reported and discussed (by pundits) are subject to corporate and sponsor approval. (ex; no reporting on Pipeline controversies, fracking or oil spills, opioid epidemic or any negative reporting on pharma, net neutrality, etc.

CNN is owned by AT&T; Same as above.

Fox News; employs a creative pool of propaganda and fantasy writers and has all the journalistic integrity of the Cartoon Network. Prior to the ’96 Telecom Act, labeling an entertainment network “News” would have been in violation of FCC law.

South Florida no longer has any “Locally Owned” Newspapers. Our local TV news continues it’s standardized police blotter fare with flash editing and snappy zappy graphics. Radio News and Information for the common good of keeping the public informed in South Florida…nothing.

But news and information is still available. Listed on this page are informative programs covering topics we care about…